PSN Weekend Roundup – 7/4/2012

Look here for a collection of the main PSN stories from last week, including things to look out for in the coming days.


Venture down the rabbit-hole with a new set of costumes for LittleBigPanet based on Tim Burtons adaptation of  Alice in Wonderland.

‘Costumes include Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Red Queen.

Each costume will be available on the PlayStation Store individually, however if you purchase the full Alice in Wonderland Costume pack you will also receive some bonus Alice in Wonderland Stickers.’

The costume pack is now available for download on the PlayStation Store.

Mm Picks is also being relaunched to celebrate the diversity and creativity of the many gamers on LittleBigPanet! Head over to the Community section in-game and select Mm Picks to see a selection of Media Molecules’ favourite user-created levels.

PS Vita

PS Vita Update 1.65 has been identified to be faulty and has been withdrawn, but do not fear, for Update 1.66 is now available for download. Some of the features originally included on the 1.65 Update were:

  • You can now disable the notification alert messages that indicate when friends sign in, messages are received and other activities. To disable these alerts, got to [Settings] > [Sound & Display] > check/uncheck [Notification Alerts]. Additionally, Notification alerts will now display for five seconds instead of three seconds.
  • ‘After 10 Minutes’ has been added as an option in [Power Save Settings] > [Auto Standby].
  • An arrow will indicate when new activities are available in LiveArea.
  • Caps Lock is now supported by the on-screen keyboard. Simply double-tap the Shift key to enable it.

Uncharted 3

Drake’s Deception Map Pack will be available to download for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer on Wednesday 11th April.

‘Four brand new Uncharted 3 multiplayer maps will be available for download on Wednesday.

The Graveyard map sets you in motion as you fight among ships and shipping crates on rolling waves.

Old Quarter seems like a lovely scene on a cool Yemen night, but it’s full of dangerous alleys and delicately lit rooms.

The bar, the back alleys and the broadways of the London Streets map offer some prime spots for a knockdown, drag-out turf war, so be sure to stop by the Pelican Inn for some more brawling.

The Oasis map used to provide respite for a Bedouin camp, but now serves as a sun-drenched battlefield for your multiplayer matches.’ (taken from PlayStation.Blog)

Each map in the pack will have a ‘dynamic event’ that will occur as the match progresses. For example in Graveyard, a patrol boat will circle the border of the map, launching grenades as it cruises along its path. In Oasis, a plane drops a shipping crate that contains a power weapon.

The Drake’s Deception Map Pack will cost you £7.99, but if you are a member of the Fortune Hunters Club you can download the Pack for free.

If you want to become a Fortune Hunters Club member you can before the Club shuts its doors in 12 days time.

Resident Evil

A Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City DLC is coming to the PlayStation Store on Wednesday 11th April. The DLC for Operation Raccoon City will contain a complete campaign, featuring seven brand new missions for the US Spec Ops squad.

The DLC is completely free and will allow players to take on the role of  ‘either Harley, Dee-Ay, Tweed, Willow, Shona or Party Girl and set about recovering evidence that reveals the truth behind the deadly virus outbreak.’

Capcom say six more missions will be available to purchase in the coming weeks.

 Far Cry 3

PlayStation Magazine got their hands on the Far Cry 3 multiplayer and their experiences and impressions can be seen here.

Details such as health regenerating battle-cries and team points to purchase ‘heavy-weapons’ are included.

3D on Ps3

Discover how an elite group at Sony are making big advances in stereoscopic 3D gaming. Head over to to find out more.

PlayStation Quiz

Can you identify a character by their footwear? If so, you’d better have a go at the PlayStation Quiz. Here you are presented with a picture of a single boot from a character from the history of PlayStation way back to PS1. Can you name the character? Have a go here.

Borderlands 2

Check out some new footage from Borderlands 2 courtesy of PlayStation Magazine called ‘Borderlands 2 PS3 video preview: new monsters and environments. The preview looks at some of the new environments to be featured on Borderlands 2, from deserts to snowy arctic tundras.

See new enemies like Battle-bots and Constructors, the latter creates new enemies as you are fighting. Also featured are bug-like creatures which evolve and mutate as you fight them, eventually becoming Badass. Do you kill the creatures in their easy larval form, or do you let them mutate into a Badass for a bigger kill?

See the video preview here.

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