The CWG Weekly #8 – New 3DS Games, Destiny Details, Hotline Miami on PS3/Vita & More!

Matt returns with a bunch of news before Sony’s big announcement at PlayStation Meeting 2013 tonight. Matt and Ryan will be publishing a special episode of the show on Friday discussing Sony’s big reveal.

In this show:

The Last of Us Delayed – Blog post

Brutal Legend Coming to PC – Blog post

Nintendo Direct:
Luigi’s Mansion 28th March release date, 4-player co-op
Mario & Luigi RPG coming in Summer
Mario Golf: World Tour coming in Summer
New Super Luigi U DLC for Mario Bros U, coming 2013
Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate gets Wii U/3DS special editions, features cross play
Fire Emblem Awakening 19th April, special edition 3DS XL
Project X Zone Coming Q3 2013
Pokemon Myster Dungeon: Gates of Infinity, may 17th
Animal Crossing New Leaf June 14th
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D coming Summer

Steam Launches on Linux – Sale

Aquaman joins Injustice: Gods Among Us roster – Trailer

Bungie Reveals First Destiny Details – Article

Rock Band DLC Releases Ending April 2nd – Forum post

Mojang launch second Mojam Charity Event – Blog post

Hotline Miami Coming to PS3 and PS Vita this Spring – Blog post

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Release Window Announced – Blog post

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Featuring: Matt

Playlist: The CWG Weekly

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