3 Jun 2014

Video Game Consoles Quiz – Quizzing With Grenades

Matt and Ryan take on the first CWG Quiz, written by Ash, about Video Game Consoles. See how they got on…   Click here to go to the video page   Featuring: Ash, Matt and Ryan
28 Apr 2014

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare – Why the PC release date does not matter [Opinion]

Now that’s not to say that the PC version will not be good, It’ll be probably the best version of the game you can get but with the recent microtransaction information, the PC version will not be
17 Nov 2013

Scribblenauts Unlimited (PC) – CWG Plays [Ash]

Ash goes solo in Scribblenauts Unlimited to help people using his magic notepad. Click here to go to the video page Game(s): Scribblenauts Unlimited Featuring: Ash
1 Nov 2013

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (PC) – CWG Plays [Matt & Ash]

Matt and Ash hit the road with their trusty Oxen, trying to survive a Super Amazing Wagon Adventure. Click here to go to the video page Game(s): Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Featuring: Matt & Ash
25 Oct 2013

Super Monkey Ball 2 (Mini Games – GC) – CWG Plays [Matt & Ryan]

Matt & Ryan go head to head on the Super Monkey Ball 2 mini-games, and Ryan’s hatred for GonGon grows ever stronger. Click here to go to the video page Game(s): Super Monkey Ball 2 Featuring: Matt
18 Oct 2013

DLC Quest (PC) – CWG Plays [Ash & Matt]

Ash and Matt play through DLC Quest, debating whether a sheep is a sheep and also getting tongue tied… a lot. Click here to go to the video page Game(s): DLC Quest Featuring: Ash & Matt
14 Oct 2013

Review: Megabyte Punch

We live in an exciting time for our hobby, where indie game developers dare to create unique gameplay experiences that tend to focus on the fun factor instead of how much profit the developers can rake in.
11 Oct 2013

24: The Game (PS2) – CWG Plays [Matt & Ryan]

Matt and Ryan dive into 24: The Game and… it’s not as bad as Jackie Chan Adventures. Click here to go to the video page Game(s): 24: The Game Featuring: Matt & Ryan
10 Oct 2013

Review: Worms Revolution Extreme (Vita)

As a fan of the worms series and a PlayStation Vita enthusiast, the concept of blowing up squishy pink soldiers on my shiny OLED screen is quite compelling. Team 17′s latest offering in the Worms series does
4 Oct 2013

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – CWG Plays

CWG Plays is back! In this week’s episode, Matt and Ryan wake up to the smell of delicious bacon in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. What could possibly go wrong? Click here to go to the video