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14 Oct 2013

Review: Megabyte Punch

We live in an exciting time for our hobby, where indie game developers dare to create unique gameplay experiences that tend to focus on the fun factor instead of how much profit the developers can rake in.
10 Oct 2013

Review: Worms Revolution Extreme (Vita)

As a fan of the worms series and a PlayStation Vita enthusiast, the concept of blowing up squishy pink soldiers on my shiny OLED screen is quite compelling. Team 17′s latest offering in the Worms series does
20 Aug 2013

Review: Divekick

Divekick is a fighting game available on the PlayStation Network for PS3, PS Vita and on Steam for PC users. It is a game about 2 things; Diving and… kicking, the game literally has 2 buttons, a
8 Aug 2013

Review: Worms Clan Wars

The Worms franchise has been around for a very long time and it’s come a long way since its humble beginnings on the Amiga in 1995. Nowadays you can name just about any console and chances are,
7 Aug 2013

Review: Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 is the latest installment of the Pikmin franchise, after not seeing a game in almost 10 years and having an entire generation with no new Pikmin game, just some Remakes for the Wii. After years
12 Jul 2013

Review: Rogue Legacy

The rogue-like genre has become very popular lately with titles such as Spelunky HD, The Binding of Isaac and FTL: Faster Than Light earning large and dedicated fanbases for their tough difficulty and endless replayability. Does Rogue
24 Jan 2012

Rock of Ages Review

NOTE: This post is in our old review format. Should you allow Rock of Ages to smash its way onto your console or PC?
19 Jan 2012

The Binding of Isaac Review

NOTE: This post is in our old review format. Is The Binding of Isaac a biblical epic, or should it be locked in the basement?
12 Sep 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Is Deus Ex: Human Revolution at the top of its game, or does it need to get a few augmentations?
25 Aug 2011

Limbo Review

Is this indie game really a work of art, or should it be thrown into an over-sized bear trap?