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1 Nov 2013

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (PC) – CWG Plays [Matt & Ash]

Matt and Ash hit the road with their trusty Oxen, trying to survive a Super Amazing Wagon Adventure. Click here to go to the video page Game(s): Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Featuring: Matt & Ash
18 Oct 2013

DLC Quest (PC) – CWG Plays [Ash & Matt]

Ash and Matt play through DLC Quest, debating whether a sheep is a sheep and also getting tongue tied… a lot. Click here to go to the video page Game(s): DLC Quest Featuring: Ash & Matt
4 Oct 2013

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – CWG Plays

CWG Plays is back! In this week’s episode, Matt and Ryan wake up to the smell of delicious bacon in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. What could possibly go wrong? Click here to go to the video
30 Apr 2013

Muscle March (WiiWare) – CWG Plays

Matt and Ryan play a bizarre Japanese WiiWare game which mixes dangerous levels of muscle with high-speed marching. Put on your Speedo’s and grab your weights; we’re going on a journey. Click here to go to the
30 Jan 2013

Searchlight #4 – Legend of Dungeon, Distance, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure & More

Matt returns with 10 more great Steam Greenlight games that you can support and help to secure them Steam releases.
7 Jan 2013

The CWG Bake-Off #2 – Rock of Ages Edition

Matt and Ash return to their competitive series with ACE Team’s brilliant Indie game Rock of Ages. The first person to win 3 challenges wins the episode, but who will win the series?
2 Jan 2013

Matt & Ryan Play Castle Crashers #4 – The Cookie’s Not Okay

Matt & Ryan continue their Castle Crashers adventure. In this episode they encounter a lovely room of food. They destroy it.
27 Dec 2012

Matt & Ryan Play Castle Crashers #3 – We Need a Horny

Matt & Ryan continue their adventure through Castle Crashers. In this episode, they misidentify more animals and attack a giant bat.
14 Dec 2012

Matt & Ryan Play Castle Crashers #2 – The Seagulls

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9 Oct 2012

IndieView – Super Crate Box

Matt takes a look at Vlambeer’s indie hit Super Crate Box, which you can download from Steam for free. The game is also available on mobile platforms and was recently made available on the PlayStation Vita.