Third Person Archive

28 Apr 2014

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare – Why the PC release date does not matter [Opinion]

Now that’s not to say that the PC version will not be good, It’ll be probably the best version of the game you can get but with the recent microtransaction information, the PC version will not be
11 Oct 2013

24: The Game (PS2) – CWG Plays [Matt & Ryan]

Matt and Ryan dive into 24: The Game and… it’s not as bad as Jackie Chan Adventures. Click here to go to the video page Game(s): 24: The Game Featuring: Matt & Ryan
30 Apr 2013

Muscle March (WiiWare) – CWG Plays

Matt and Ryan play a bizarre Japanese WiiWare game which mixes dangerous levels of muscle with high-speed marching. Put on your Speedo’s and grab your weights; we’re going on a journey. Click here to go to the
19 Dec 2012

(GIVEAWAY) Matt & Ryan’s Saints Row: The Third Shenanigans #1 – Sex Nun vs Purple Man

Matt and Ryan take to the streets in Saints Row: The Third to piss around with guns and giant dildo bats.
12 Dec 2012

Brazen Prototype – Multiplayer Gameplay

Ryan and Matt play the prototype for and upcoming project from the Double Fine team. This is a Monster Hunter-style game which will support 4-player co-op. This video features Ryan as the Waracle and Matt as the
26 Oct 2012

Matt Plays Hitman: Blood Money #1 – A Vintage Year

Matt starts a new gameplay series, this time playing the brilliant Hitman: Blood Money. This series will feature on mission per episode as Matt plays as everyone’s favourite bald assassin, murdering people for money.
8 Oct 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Interactive Quest Checklist

Skyrim is a huge game full of interesting quests, many of which you will likely miss without a guide. This checklist is designed for the perfectionists who want to complete every quest in the game in a
11 Sep 2012

Guild Wars 2 – CWG Guild Invitation

The Cooking With Grenades Guild Wars 2 guild is up and running, and you’re all invited! Either transfer over or become a guest on the EU Underworld server and we can send you an invite.
5 Sep 2012

The Last of Us 15 minute Demo

Take a look at this incredible 15 minute demo of The Last of Us fresh from PAX 2012. Featuring the complex relationship between Joel and Ellie, oh, and some skull crushing action.
31 Aug 2012

Matt & Ryan Play Splinter Cell Conviction #8 – Russian Embassy / Public Offices

In this episode, Matt and Ryan have a human shield race and interrogate another man.