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19 Jul 2013

New Strider Game Announced At Comic-con for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360 and PC, Including 7 Minutes of Uncut Footage

A new Strider game has been announced at Comic-Con! It is said to be a 2.5D Metroidvania-style game featuring a huge explorable map and an upgrade system. Not much has been revealed for this game yet other
22 Feb 2013

The CWG Weekly – The PlayStation 4: Everything You Need to Know

The PlayStation 4 has been officially announced by Sony at their PlayStation Meetin 2013 event on Wednesday. In this special episode of the CWG Weekly, Matt & Ryan discuss everything you need to know about the system.
20 Feb 2013

The CWG Weekly #8 – New 3DS Games, Destiny Details, Hotline Miami on PS3/Vita & More!

Matt returns with a bunch of news before Sony’s big announcement at PlayStation Meeting 2013 tonight. Matt and Ryan will be publishing a special episode of the show on Friday discussing Sony’s big reveal. In this show:
13 Feb 2013

The CWG Weekly #7 – Rayman Legends Delayed, New Legacy of Kain?, Mm Tease & More

Matt delivers more gaming news. This week features quite a lot of speculation and preperation for next week’s expected PlayStation 4 announcement.
6 Feb 2013

The CWG Weekly #5 – PS4 Teaser, The Witcher 3 Reveal, DAY Z Standalone Gameplay & More

Matt returns with a bunch of big news from the past week.
16 Jan 2013

The CWG Weekly #4 – The Witcher 3, PlayStation 4, Slender Sequel & More

Matt returns from a hiatus to bring you the biggest news in gaming.
5 Jun 2012

E3 2012 – Every headline from every press conference

We round up all the biggest news from each of the E3 2012 press conferences.