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6 May 2014

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – What we know so far

Did you ever wonder how Handsome Jack became the villainous, murdering, leader of the Hyperion Corporation that he is in Borderlands 2? Well, now, not only will you find out – you can live it!
20 Aug 2013

Review: Divekick

Divekick is a fighting game available on the PlayStation Network for PS3, PS Vita and on Steam for PC users. It is a game about 2 things; Diving and… kicking, the game literally has 2 buttons, a
20 Feb 2013

The CWG Weekly #8 – New 3DS Games, Destiny Details, Hotline Miami on PS3/Vita & More!

Matt returns with a bunch of news before Sony’s big announcement at PlayStation Meeting 2013 tonight. Matt and Ryan will be publishing a special episode of the show on Friday discussing Sony’s big reveal. In this show:
13 Feb 2013

The CWG Weekly #7 – Rayman Legends Delayed, New Legacy of Kain?, Mm Tease & More

Matt delivers more gaming news. This week features quite a lot of speculation and preperation for next week’s expected PlayStation 4 announcement.
6 Feb 2013

The CWG Weekly #5 – PS4 Teaser, The Witcher 3 Reveal, DAY Z Standalone Gameplay & More

Matt returns with a bunch of big news from the past week.
16 Jan 2013

The CWG Weekly #4 – The Witcher 3, PlayStation 4, Slender Sequel & More

Matt returns from a hiatus to bring you the biggest news in gaming.
2 Jan 2013

Matt & Ryan Play Castle Crashers #4 – The Cookie’s Not Okay

Matt & Ryan continue their Castle Crashers adventure. In this episode they encounter a lovely room of food. They destroy it.
27 Dec 2012

Matt & Ryan Play Castle Crashers #3 – We Need a Horny

Matt & Ryan continue their adventure through Castle Crashers. In this episode, they misidentify more animals and attack a giant bat.
19 Dec 2012

(GIVEAWAY) Matt & Ryan’s Saints Row: The Third Shenanigans #1 – Sex Nun vs Purple Man

Matt and Ryan take to the streets in Saints Row: The Third to piss around with guns and giant dildo bats.
14 Dec 2012

Matt & Ryan Play Castle Crashers #2 – The Seagulls

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