PlayStation Vita Archive

10 Oct 2013

Review: Worms Revolution Extreme (Vita)

As a fan of the worms series and a PlayStation Vita enthusiast, the concept of blowing up squishy pink soldiers on my shiny OLED screen is quite compelling. Team 17′s latest offering in the Worms series does
20 Aug 2013

Review: Divekick

Divekick is a fighting game available on the PlayStation Network for PS3, PS Vita and on Steam for PC users. It is a game about 2 things; Diving and… kicking, the game literally has 2 buttons, a
20 Feb 2013

The CWG Weekly #8 – New 3DS Games, Destiny Details, Hotline Miami on PS3/Vita & More!

Matt returns with a bunch of news before Sony’s big announcement at PlayStation Meeting 2013 tonight. Matt and Ryan will be publishing a special episode of the show on Friday discussing Sony’s big reveal. In this show:
2 Dec 2012

The CWG Weekly #2 – Project Destiny, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth & More

Matt returns to deliver the biggest news in gaming directly to your face. This week, Matt has changed the formula a bit to increase the amount of stories in each episode and to reduce editing time.
25 Nov 2012

The CWG Weekly – Wii U Launch, Mirror’s Edge 2, PS+ on PS Vita & More

Matt presents the first episode of a new series in which he will be covering all the biggest news from the past 7 days.
9 Oct 2012

IndieView – Super Crate Box

Matt takes a look at Vlambeer’s indie hit Super Crate Box, which you can download from Steam for free. The game is also available on mobile platforms and was recently made available on the PlayStation Vita.
7 Jun 2012

Abe’s Oddysee Reboot coming Summer 2013

A reboot of the popular Oddworld classic is coming in 2013.
5 Jun 2012

E3 2012 – Every headline from every press conference

We round up all the biggest news from each of the E3 2012 press conferences.
28 Apr 2012

PSN Weekend Roundup – 28/04/12

Look here for a collection of the main PSN stories from last week, including things to look out for in the coming days.
24 Apr 2012

Skype Coming to PS Vita

The hugely popular video and voice calling program Skype is coming to PlayStation Vita.