Here at CWG, we like to review games. In our reviews we try to give you a clear idea of how the game plays and whether or not you should buy it, and one of the easiest ways to do that is using our scoring system. Instead of using an incredibly flawed numerical scoring system, we use one of four verdicts for you to decide if you should buy, avoid, rent or wait it out. The scores and their meanings are as follows:

Our top score; this game is worth buying right now if you like the sound of the review.

While the game is worth buying, it may not be worth its current price or it could be flawed with bugs. Wait for the game to drop in price before buying it.

This game is worth playing, but may lack the replay value to make it worth buying the full game. You’ll get the mot out of this game by renting it.

Our rarest score. Avoid this game at all costs.


Why don’t you use a traditional review scoring system?

In the few years that we’ve been writing reviews, we have shuffled our scoring methods a few times, trying to get the best possible results. In the past we have used a numerical review system which has a lot of flaws, the most apparent one being how games can be compared by their scores and as reviews are done individually, this is incredibly unreliable.

Most websites use numerical scores for two reasons; to improve their view count by allowing people to skip the review to just see the score and to have a score that can be posted onto MetaCritic. Ultimately it usually comes down to view figures, and so numerical scores get in the way of the review quality.

Would you like to review my game?

If you’re a developer or publisher, we would happily review your game. We can review games for the following platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Please send an email to if interested.