Betting Sites Not On Gamstop

If you are looking for alternative ways to bet on your favourite sports then stick with us and find out what are the best non GamStop betting sites for UK players. We are here to provide you with the latest information on GamStop gambling and ways to get access to online casinos and betting sites not affected by strict rules and regulations by the UK Gambling Commission.  

UK Sports Betting Sites Not On GamStop  

non gamstop betting sites

If you are a true sports enthusiast you are probably into bringing more thrills to watching sports by placing some bets on your favourite team. Betting on sports has become quite popular among players and it is no wonder why. It definitely brings a lot more excitement to watching sports. The moment the match, game, or race starts you are ready for passionate cheering for your team which can also bring you some prize in the end.  

But lately, in the UK, betting has been obstructed by all the limitations and restrictions, especially the ones involving GamStop scheme. The latest regulation by the UKGC is that all betting sites and gambling sites overall based in the UK must join GamStop self-exclusion scheme. This all leads to the fact that there are no UK betting sites not on GamStop available anymore.  

Consequently, those who don’t want to part of GamStop anymore are stuck with no access to betting sites. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to bet on sports, enjoy slots, or any other casino game. And this includes no restrictions as the ones imposed by the UKGC on UK-based online casinos and gambling sites.  

Non GamStop Betting Sites – Which Are Those Exactly?  

Apart from the UK betting sites, there are plenty of other online gambling sites that offer betting on sports and are not affected by the UKGC regulations at the same time. These are international betting sites not blocked by GamStop. These sites are just regular betting sites and the only difference is that they are not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission which is the main reason they are not obliged to join GamStop.  

Are Sports Betting Sites Not Covered By GamStop Safe to Join? 

You are probably wondering what other licenses these international betting sites hold. And don’t worry; they are perfectly safe as they are licensed by the respected gambling authorities. This means that betting sites not blocked by GamStop are all obliged to follow strict rules, laws, and regulations imposed by the gambling authorities whose licenses they hold. The rules cover everything from money laundering, protection of the data and money transactions to protecting the players and their interests, etc. Some of the most common and highly-respected license issuers, among others, include:  

  • Malta Gaming Authority 
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission  
  • Cyprus Gambling Commission 
  • Curacao Gaming License  
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission 

What Sports Do Betting Sites Not Blocked by GamStop Offer?  

This is quite a big question since there are all kinds of sports you can enjoy betting on when at non GamStop sports betting sites. Of course, the most popular sport among all punters is football not on GamStop. Then horse racing, tennis not on GamStop, basketball, and cricket follows. But among those, there are plenty of other sports as well as non-sporting events you can place your bets on. If you are interested in politics or music or even eating contests, you can bet on those too at non GamStop gambling sites.  

Football Not On GamStop  

non gamstop football betting sites

It is not a secret that football is one of the most popular and loved sports not only in the UK or Europe but all around the world, as well. And of course, it would be sports blasphemy if there weren’t any football events at betting sites not registered at GamStop. Of course, football not on GamStop is the main sport you can enjoy at non GamStop gambling sites.  

The biggest events in the football world are included. So you can enjoy betting on games of Champions League betting not on GamStop, European League not on GamStop, Premier League not on GamStop, as well as Italian, French, or German Bundesliga among others. When the time comes for the bigger events such as the football World Cup and European Championship, there are plenty of bets to be made at non GamStop betting sites. Whatever your preferences are or what team you cheer for, there are plenty of matches in football not covered by GamStop section.  

Horse Racing Not On GamStop  

top horse racing websites not blocked by gamstop

Horse racing is at the top among sports in the UK when it comes to its popularity. This old sport has practically become a part of the nation’s culture. And with the love for a sport comes the love for betting. These two are almost inseparable; at least, for passionate sports enthusiasts. Here, at our site, you will find the list of the best horse racing sites not on GamStop. 

For those wondering whether there are any horse races not on GamStop, we have great news. There are plenty of horse racing events on sports betting sites not with GamStop. The players can freely enjoy horse racing not blocked by GamStop just like they did at UK gambling sites. Apart from regular horse racing not on GamStop, there is also Live Racing at non GamStop betting sites. This means that the players can place bets while the race is on and enjoy some thrilling Live Horse Racing not on GamStop.  

Tennis Not On GamStop  

the most reputable tennis betting casinos online

Historians believe that tennis originated in the 13th century in France when players used to hit the ball with their hands. But modern tennis was born in England in the 19th century. Today, there are a few big tournaments called Grand Slam tournaments that are considered to be the most prestigious tennis events in the world. One of them is Wimbledon famous for its rule of white dress code. With years, tennis has grown in its popularity and there are so many fans enjoying betting on this sport.  

International betting sites never miss including tennis in their betting offers. Tennis not on GamStop includes all big tournaments such as Grand Slams, Davis Cup, Tennis Masters Cup and all the smaller ones. Tennis betting not on GamStop is pretty popular among punters, which is why this sport is never omitted from the gambling sites not blocked by GamStop. 

Other Sports – Darts Not On GamStop or Snooker Not On GamStop? 

Just like we mentioned earlier in the text, there are so many kinds of sports you can enjoy at non GamStop betting sites, from the biggest and the most popular ones to the smaller sports and sporting events not on GamStop. If you are a fan of darts, you will be happy to know that there is darts betting not on GamStop. Apart from that, betting sites not registered with GamStop offer a magnitude of other sports. Boxing not on GamStop or MMA not on GamStop are just some of them. 

Bet On Racing Not On GamStop 

For example, when it comes to racing not on GamStop, there is plenty to bet on. We already mentioned horse racing not blocked by GamStop, but apart from this sport, you can also enjoy auto racing not on GamStop, motorbike racing not on GamStop, or cycling not on GamStop, for example.   

Ball Sports Not On GamStop  

The majority of sports involve some kind of ball. And at non GamStop betting websites, you can find plenty of them. It goes without saying that football is the main one. But apart from football betting not covered by GamStop, there are others such as basketball not on GamStop, table tennis not on GamStop, water polo, volleyball, cricket not on GamStop, handball not on GamStop or badminton not on GamStop, among others. 

There are also sports that are more world-oriented and more popular in the USA, for example. Such is American football, rugby not on GamStop, or ice hockey not on GamStop. 

Virtual Sports Not on GamStop and eSports Not on GamStop  

For those who enjoy a more virtual-oriented way of betting, international gambling sites not blocked by GamStop has something for those players, too. Esports and Virtual sports not on GamStop have become pretty popular among players. This is why you can enjoy a variety of virtual and esports not on GamStop. Virtual Champions or Virtual Europa League are just some of them. Not to mention Counter Strike not on GamStop, League of Legends not on GamStop, or Dota 2 as part of eSports offer. 

Live Betting Not On GamStop 

The big fashion in gambling nowadays involves live gambling. Since the live casino has become such a huge hit among players, it is only natural that there are Live Sports not on GamStop as well. This way of non GamStop betting allows players to place their wagers during the game. As long as the game, match, or race is on, the players can place their bets. This is a great way to add some additional spice to online sports betting not blocked by GamStop.  

Non GamStop Betting – Special Events  

We mentioned somewhere at the beginning of this text that there are so many events that you can bet on and these include not only sports but other non-sporting events, as well. Some of those are politics, for example. If you are interested in the world of politics in the UK, you can freely bet on that too (presidential elections, for example). Politics is not the only non-sporting event available at non GamStop gambling sites. Quite the contrary, there are all kinds of events (sometimes silly ones) available.  

Betting on eating contests not on GamStop is just one of them. If you like watching people munching on burgers or pies, then this is for you. On the other hand, if you’d like something a bit less messy to bet on, then there are song contests such as Eurovision, for example, or even big movie castings. 

Why Should You Join Betting Sites Not Blocked By GamStop?  

Well, there are plenty of reasons to do it. First of all, non GamStop gambling sites do not hold licenses by the UKGC, which means that they are free from their, sometimes too limiting, restrictions. At betting sites and all online casinos not on GamStop, there will be no limitations on sign-up bonuses, for example. So you can expect a lot of attractive bonuses such as free bets not on GamStop or no deposit bonuses not on GamStop and rich match-up bonuses. Just look at the list of non GamStop gambling sites above and you will see what we are talking about.  

Finally, free of unnecessary limitations and restrictions, sports betting sites not covered by GamStop as well as all gambling sites not on GamStop offer freedom of gambling. You can freely enjoy your own choice of entertainment. You can freely bet on your favourite sports or play your favourite casino game.